China’s Wings first reader

China’s Wings first reader, Tom Lambert. Aside from being one of the world’s foremost Reformation scholars, he’s also the technical mastermind behind this website.(And the evil genius behind the website Yosemite Explorer, and many others.) He has patiently answered hundreds of questions, and untangled me from an equal number of technical fiascoes. In gratitude, I’d sent him and his wife, Theresa Ho, a signed advanced copy.

I hope he enjoys it!

Together, Tom and Theresa make some of America’s best after-dinner conversation, and they run Alpine Escape, a vacation home rental in Yosemite National Park.


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  1. Enjoying it so far! I’m such a slow reader, though, I expect hordes will finish before me. The “non-work” book I’m reading at the moment (1491) has taken me about five months and counting. Though I can tell already China’s Wings will go faster than that one.

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