Photos from the 2012 CNAC reunion

As I do every year, I had a marvelous time at the just completed CNAC reunion. (If you don’t know about CNAC, the legendary China National Aviation Corporation, here’s an explanation. It’s one of the best aviation stories of all time.)

The great surprise to me was meeting Langhorne and Queta Bond. I had no idea they were coming, and I jumped out of my skin when I was introduced. Langhorne is the son of William Bond, my main character in China’s Wings, and I must say, he looks just like his old man, except bigger. Langhorne is my size, over six feet tall; I think his father was quite a bit smaller. I’d interviewed Langhorne many times, and he, Queta, and Langhorne’s brother, Thomas, were all tremendously helpful throughout the writing process. Deepening the Bond family’s aviation connections, Langhorne headed the FAA during the Carter administration.

For me, it was a huge buzz to feel how happy the CNAC family is with the book I spent so long researching and writing. It’s a nice feeling to have finally produced it, instead of always having to tell them that “I’m writing a book about CNAC.” I got as many of them as possible to sign MY copy, which now looks like a high school yearbook.

Here are a few photos of the fun:



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