Crib sheets for a “paper son”

Continuing on with Donald Chan’s grandfather’s documents I posted yesterday, Donald also sent up these handwritten papers which he thinks are crib sheets for a “paper son” — information to help a paper son pass INS interrogation and gain approval as an American citizen.

I explained the “paper sons” situation in one of the earlier posts about Moon Chin. Here’s the link: Moon Chin languishes in an INS jail.

Note, since neither of us reads Chinese, we might not have their purpose correct. We’d be delighted to discover their content from somebody running across this page who reads Chinese. (And I also suspect I’ve got them oriented incorrectly — I’d be happy to learn how to fix that, too.)



    1. Thanks Jeff, but no, I’m past that now. They did prove to be crib sheets. Pretty fascinating stuff. Thanks for checking in. Cheers, Greg

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