CNAC sign on the Shanghai Post Office

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, what with holiday logistics and the MASSIVE distraction of tweaking and revising the China’s Wings manuscript as the chapters come back from New York. To date, my editor has returned the first 14 chapters with comments and suggested revisions, and I’ve worked my way through chapter 12, but a new batch is due back when I get caught up, so I’ve been prioritizing that work to the detriment of this blog. However, I don’t want to neglect it entirely, so here’s a new (old) picture to get the ball rolling again.

The Shanghai Post Office in the 1930s, Soochow Creek in the foreground. Note the sign on the clock tower. (Edward P. Howard collection)


  1. Just found your site. My mother, Mrs. Eleanor Helen Allen, had open house for Chinese Cadets being trained by the Flying Tigers in Pheonix, AZ. during WWII. We knew many of them. Do you have any knowledge of how I could find what happened to WWII Chinese Air forcemen? Especially Capt. G. H. M. Liu. He was in Pheonix, AZ. at Luke Field in 1946 and left for China in April 22, 1947. I know he was in Shanghai for a while. Address: % Miss Lee Ying Ching, P.R. & S.B., Shanghai Branch, Shanghai, China at least in 1948. The last address (on a letter returned was in 1959) was 6/5/157/3 Hsiss Yi Road, 3rd section, Taipei, Taiwan. Did he marry? Did he have children?

    1. Dear Claudia, that’s a very interesting connection to the Chinese Air Force. I don’t happen to know how to find the man you mention, however. I’d be able to offer some help if he’d been a CNAC pilot, but I don’t have any CAF sources of note. Sorry, GC

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