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How the SF earthquake made Moon Chin a citizen, Part I

Moon Chin was born on April 13, 1914 in Wing-Wa Village, a tiny hamlet in the undulating coastal lowlands of Kwangtung Province about 60 miles up the Pearl River from Macau and a half a day’s walk west of the … Continue reading

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Moon Chin joins CNAC

A windsock hung limp from a pole that sprouted from the roof of the largest commercial hangar in China; it might have been the largest in Asia, capable of holding six single-engine airplanes. A line of offices snuggled against the … Continue reading

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Three great pilots

CNAC’s first three Chinese-American pilots: Joy Thom of Los Angeles, Moon Chin of Wing-Wa Village and Baltimore, Donald Wong of Chicago. All three were born American citizens, all three earned only one-third as much as their Caucasian counterparts – for … Continue reading

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All roads led to Moon Chin

I’ve been focusing on whipping the China’s Wings manuscript into shape with Tracy Devine, my editor at Bantam Dell, and I’m thrilled with the advice she’s giving, but it’s been soaking up all of my writing energies. We’re still plugging … Continue reading

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Lunghwa Pagoda, a thousand-year old landmark for CNAC pilots

1930s photo of the famous landmark Continue reading

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